Webinar on "Investment Journey for Life 2.0
When "Life 1.0"is our working life, "Life 2.0" is what follows - our retirement life. To create a good life after retirement, financial readiness is one of the essentials. On your investment journey, you should focus on not only accumulation phase, but also decumulation phase, that is, from building up savings pool to generating income stream. How can we address these two life phases with good retirement strategy?

Part I: Rich or Poor? Your Choice
- BCT Group

To retire well is to plan well. Who doesn't want a rich retirement? In fact, it is solely your choice and what you do. By looking at the features of MPF members who have $1 million assets, BCT will share some tips on building an adequate retirement nest egg and how to make the most of the accumulation phase.

Part II: Live Long, Live Well
- Mercer HK

What to do when one is close to retirement age and the regular income from work has to be replaced by income from your investments? How much buffer to plan in case a longer life means outliving your planned wealth? Mercer's 2020 employee pulse survey shows that more than 50% respondents will look to manage spending or seek work if their savings dwindle, so what more can be done for more certainty in the quality of your retirement life? Mercer team discusses the options and actions to get Hong Kong-ers engage to make plans for their financial security in retirement.
Part I Speaker:
Mr Bob Lee
Chief Business Officer, BCT Group

Part II Speaker:
Ms Mandy Lee
Senior Consultant of Wealth Business, Mercer HK
27 November 2020