China Markets Perspectives – What’s Shaping China’s Future?

The market has been challenging in 2022 with fear of high inflation, rising rates environment and possibly economic recession. Finding meaningful values for investors’ portfolios have been more challenging than ever. There are certain markets that are poised to recover with positive catalysts, one of which we believe is China.


With investor sentiment and valuation in Chinese equities at relatively low points at the moment, there are positive factors of the Chinese equity market’s prospects as 2022 ends and step into 2023. While we can expect the realization of some degree of slowing growth, policy tools are available to underpin the economy so it should not be fully derailed. In addition, there are some policy changes that may impact the investment environment following the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party in Oct.


Franklin Templeton will share insights and thoughts on what’s shaping China’s future and opportunities.

Mr. Lirong Xu, CFA, CPA (Non practicing)
General Manager & Chief Investment Officer,
Franklin Templeton Sealand Fund Management Co., Ltd.
6 December 2022
2:30 - 3:30 pm