13th Asia Conference on Pensions and Retirement Planning
Asia Insurance Review, has invited you to join their upcoming Asia Conference on Pensions & Retirement Planning taking place on 18-19 Sept 2017 in Kuala Lumpur! The two-day conference has an exciting theme: "Making Pensions SMART: Sustainable. Meaty. Appropriate. Responsive. Timely."  Hope you would be able to join us at this important regional event. All HKRSA members will enjoy a 20% off discount on registration. Here are the details of the events:   13th Asia Conference on Pensions and Retirement Planning 18-19 Sep 2017, Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Theme: "Making Pensions SMART: Sustainable. Meaty. Appropriate. Responsive. Timely." For registration, please click HERE   With all that disruptive innovation and the need to rethink retirement and pensions in a disruptive world, the pensions industry is facing a massive challenge being hit by different interest groups. With the ageing population needing more sophisticated health care, people living longer beyond their savings, and the low investment returns, SMART Pensions is the only way to go. But how? All the stakeholders in the pensions market including the governments, pension funds managers and the insurance industry have to actively get together and stay connected to the speed of change! There is an urgent need to engage young millennials and senior citizens to ensure that pension schemes are relevant as genetics and technology add the twist to living longer with a stress on healthcare for the ageing population. There is also the need to change the retirement mindset on all fronts and fill the protection and savings gaps for all. It is all about the industry renewing itself to “Reinvent & Rethink Retirement in A Disruptive World” to be SMART. With this focus, Asia Insurance Review’s Asia Conference on Pensions & Retirement Planning this year will review the various national pension schemes around the world and draw lessons to find real solutions. The two-day Conference will look at the latest pension reforms and renewals, the critical issues of ever increasing costs and the security of pension provision, including regulatory, financial, technology, longevity issues and health and wealth management solutions and strategies for a successful retirement for all.   Topics to be discussed
  • The Drivers of the New World of Pensions • SMART Pensions: Making Pensions SMART for All • The Changing Pensions Market in Asia– Needs, Opportunities and Solutions • Global Pension Trends: Tackling Rising Risks • Key Factors for Sustainable Pensions Systems • Healthcare as a Strategic Component of Pensions • The World of Annuities • International Experiences and Innovations in Pensions Management • Pension Fund Governance and Management • Regulators: How Can Regulations Drive Pensions & Retirement Planning Products? • Retirement and Savings: Filling the Gap • Data & Analytics - Population Health Management & Societal Needs • Three Pillars of Pensions – (1) Pension Fund Management (2) Retirement Planning & Wealth Management (3) Retirement Funding & Healthcare for Old Age • The Current Climate in Pension Reforms in Asia • Best Practice and Choice between Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Schemes • An Analysis of Mandatory Vs Voluntary Pension Schemes • Micro Pensions: Protection for the Masses • Islamic Funds for Pensions • Pensions: Profitability in Longevity
Pensions Plans Innovation & Distribution • Healthcare: 2022 & Beyond and the Impact of An Ageing Population • Pension Investments, Sales and Retirement Savings • Wealth Management: Managing Assets and Maximising Returns • The Age of Disruption & IoT: Insurance, Investments & Pensions Planning   Integrated Solutions for Ageing and Geriatrics • Impact of the Science of Genetics on Insurance & Retirement Planning • Making Insurance, Healthcare and Eldercare Affordable • Technology Breakthrough for High Tech Ageing and Living   Pension Systems - Development and Progress around the Region Strategic Panels • High-Level Panel on Pensions & Insurance Regulators in the Region in Dialogue with Industry Leaders • Panel on Using Pensions to Finance Old Aged Healthcare • Panel on The Lack of Retirement Products in Asia • Panel on Global Ageing & Global Future of Retirement   Profile of Conference  The Asia Pensions & Retirement Planning conference, an important event on our calendar, has been going around the region for a stellar record of 12 successful years in several countries attracting more than 100 delegates attending from around the world including insurers, reinsurers, brokers, banks, governments, investment/wealth/asset/pension fund managers, technology firms, healthcare providers, and service providers of the life, pensions and retirement market. For registration, please click HERE