Chief Officer Series: 10 Years after the Global Financial Crisis – Where are we now as an industry?
Get up close and personal with Mr Weber Lo, Citi Country Officer and Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong & Macau, for his observations and insights of the past, present and future of the banking industry. 2007: To review what happened before, during and after the crisis
-       What was the implication to the banking industry?
-       How did this happen and how come no one saw this coming?
-       What we saw in Hong Kong, particularly for Citi and Weber’s experience
2017: To explore some of the challenges that we face in Hong Kong for the banking industry as a whole. How should we position ourselves?
-       Role of the physical branch vs digital platform
-       Banking vs FinTech / Non-FI
-       Hong Kong vs other markets 2017 and beyond: Citi’s vision for the future of Banking
-       Will banks disappear?
-       What roles will the banking industry serve in the future?
-       What we believe will happen, and how it would impact our operation and people  Speaker: Mr Weber Lo, Citi Country Officer & CEO, Hong Kong and Macau, Citi Hong Kong Register here