Generating retirement income in a low return environment

Since the 2008 financial crisis and the recent pandemic, the unprecedented monetary stimulus from central banks around the world has driven the global interest rates down to a historically low level. In June this year, the policy rates for Hong Kong and the US are down to 0.5%1 and 0.25%1 respectively, while the rate remains to be zero for Eurozone and even negative for some of the other countries. For commercial banks, the 12-month deposit rate in Hong Kong is currently at 0.08%2. However, the inflation expectation of Hong Kong rose to 1.5%1 this year and the average inflation rate of Hong Kong for the last 5 years is at 2.1%3. The impact of inflation and low interest rate brings huge challenges to retirees. We are pleased to invite you to join this webinar to understand the current economic environment, under a prolonged low interest rate environment in order to plan a long term sustainable investment for your retirement.

(Source: Bloomberg, HKMA, MPFA; 1data as of 10 June 2021; 2data as of May 2021; 3data as of 31 March 2020)


Mr. Raymond SZE
Executive Director & Head of Products, Sales & Marketing Department
Taikang Asset Management (Hong Kong) Company Limited
30 July 2021