The HKRSA supports IFEC - Money Month 2022 - Invest in Yourself
With more than two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals and households alike are finding ways to adapt to the new normal, and this presents a good opportunity to relook at how we can improve our overall well-being, and in particular our financial wellness. We would like to use the theme “Invest in Yourself” to encourage the public to take action to gain new skills and knowledge, cultivate good investment and money management habits, and start planning for their financial goals.
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One of the initiatives of the Hong Kong Money Month 2022 is the Retirement Planning Toolkit to help you find out how ready you are for retirement and make use of the retirement planning action checklist to get you started on your retirement planning with ease. Employers are encouraged to share the Toolkit with their staff to enhance their financial wellness.

1-31 March 2022