Webinar: Care for physical, mental and financial health at work

Overall wellbeing is essential for a healthy, energised, and productive workforce. The competition for talent and skill will only intensify due to changing demographics and an ageing workforce. The younger generation particularly is looking for benefits that promote health and wellbeing. There is increasing evidence to show the interdependency between wellbeing and performance of individuals, which reflects on the reduction of employee absence and employers’ health costs.


In this webinar to be co-hosted by the HKRSA and Mercer, we have invited experts and industry practitioners to discuss the connection between financial, physical, and mental health in achieving wellbeing, and how to develop integrated financial, health, and wellbeing strategy at the workplace to become a durable competitive advantage in the war for talent.

Part I: Holistic Wellness - Focus on Physical and Mental Wellbeing
Speaker: Mr. Tony TSUI

Part II: Financial Wellbeing Trend in Asia
Speaker: Mr. Freddie CHENG

Panel Discussion:
Moderator: Ms. Hayly LEUNG
Panelists: Mr.Tony TSUI/Ms. Mandy CHAN/ Ms. Joice CHOY
20 Jul 2023
3:00 - 4:00pm