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26 Sep
The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB) Annual Banking Conference 2023
26 September 2023 9am-5:15pm
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Our Association is going to support HKIB Annual Banking Conference 2023 - Transforming Finance in an Uncertain Landscape. It will be held on 26 September 2023 (Tue) at HKCEC You may simply specify when registering at: that you are a member of the HKRSA in order to enjoy the special rate. Details of the event please click
21 Sep
Webinar:China-US: Can we see the end of the Tunnel?
21 Sep 2023 11:00am-12:00noon

The relationship between China and the US has turned more adversarial in recent years. The formerly symbiotic relationship between the two largest economies in the world, often referred to as “Chi-merica,” has turned much less amicable and increasingly competitive nowadays. What will the future of US-China relations look like? Will rising geopolitical tension lead to greater conflict down the road? As the two countries strengthen their own geo-economic spheres and “de-risk” from each other, what...
15 Sep
HKIHRM Annual Conference & Exhibition 2023
15 September 2023
The Grand Hyatt Hotel

Unlock the Secrets of HR Success with Regional Top Leaders at HKIHRM Annual Conference & Exhibition Don't miss out on one of the top-notch people management events happening in the region! Join HKIHRM Annual Conference & Exhibition 2023 for an engaging and informative exchange of views on the most compelling people issues and concerns. This is the perfect opportunity to network with leading HR professionals and gain valuable insights from the latest trends and best practices in strate...
29 Aug
Webinar: Essential tips for planning your retirement journey
29 August 2023 10:00am-11:00am

Retirement is full of new possibilities. A sound retirement plan is essential for the peace of mind we enjoy in our golden years. It all starts from knowing what we want in life and setting goals, so that we can make the most meaningful use of the years ahead. In this webinar, we invited an industry expert who will share with us tips on how employees shall prepare for retirement with financial and physical wellness. A TEDx speaker based in Toronto will then explain the four phases of re...
20 Jul
Webinar: Care for physical, mental and financial health at work
20 Jul 2023 3:00 - 4:00pm

Overall wellbeing is essential for a healthy, energised and productive workforce. The competition for talent and skill will only intensify due to changing demographics and an ageing workforce. Younger generation particularly is looking for benefits that promote health and wellbeing. There is increasing evidence to show the interdependency between wellbeing and performance of individuals, which reflects on reduction of employee absence and employers’ health costs. In this webinar to be co...
15 Jun
2023 Annual Dinner - Vibrant and Fervent Retirement
15 June 2023 6:30pm - 10:00pm