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07 Oct
Sustainable Retirement Income Solutions
7 October 2021 10:30-11:30

Is your retirement plan sustainable? People are living longer, which means for many, the goal of having sufficient savings for retirement has become harder to reach. Meanwhile, potential spikes in inflation and blank swan events such as the recent coronavirus pandemic may disrupt expected investment returns and delay scheduled retirement. In this webinar, T. Rowe Price will share the importance of flexible allocation, with a focus on seeking sustainable income and building a lasting nest egg....
28 Sep
HKRSA supports The HKIB Annual Banking Conference 2021
28 Sep 2021 9am-5:15pm

Our Association supports the HKIB Annual Banking Conference 2021 - “Re-Globalisation, Sustainability and Transformation under the New Normal”. It will be held on 28 Sep 2021 at HKCEC. The conference will\ focus on the profound changes in the industry as a result of the pandemic and the key strategic goals that are high on the financial services agenda for the new normal.
15 Sep
" Investment Journey for Life 2.0" series: Multi-asset funds- One-stop reitrement solution
15 September 2021 12:00noon-1:00pm

To create a good life after retirement, financial readiness is one of the essentials. On your investment journey, you should focus on not only accumulation phase, but also decumulation phase, that is, from building up savings pool to generating income stream. How can we address these two life phases with good retirement strategy? by HKRSA is partnering with Franklin Templeton to host a series of webinars in September, October and November. In addition to discussing various investme...
03 Sep
MPF – fund choices and implication to better retirement outcome
3 September 2021 3-4pm

How is the money in your MPF retirement accounts invested? Some people have been asking for more investment choices in MPF, and some have been struggling in making fund choice decision. While more diverse investment choices may enhance flexibility and employee satisfaction, the Mandatory Provident Fund Authority has relaxed the restriction on MPF funds - up to 100% of the funds of an MPF Product may be invested in REITs, subject to approval. Some claim that REITs can generate retirement income, ...
02 Aug
HKRSA x RTHK 投資新世代 Investment Era - Summaries

The Hong Kong Retirement Scheme Association (HKRSA) was invited by Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) to participate in the program "Investment Era" for 5 consecutive Saturdays from 19 June to 17 July 2021, aiming to raise public awareness of pre-and post-retirement planning and promotion of financial literacy in Hong Kong. As a supporting organization for the program, HKRSA has invited speakers from different financial disciplines to participate in the programme for a total of 5 episodes, off...
30 Jul
Generating retirement income in a low return environment
30 July 2021 10:00am-11:00am

Since the 2008 financial crisis and the recent pandemic, the unprecedented monetary stimulus from central banks around the world has driven the global interest rates down to a historically low level. In June this year, the policy rates for Hong Kong and the US are down to 0.5%1 and 0.25%1 respectively, while the rate remains to be zero for Eurozone and even negative for some of the other countries. For commercial banks, the 12-month deposit rate in Hong Kong is currently at 0.08%2. However, the ...