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22 Apr
1st webinar of the "Plan for a Better Retirement Series" - 「做個斜號人,退而不休展潛能」
22 April 2021 12:00noon-1:00pm

While you are certainly a veteran of your own profession, you might wonder how you can attain higher goals with what you are good at other than day to day work. In this first webinar of the “Plan for a Better Retirement Series” organized by – a portal of the HKRSA, you will be amazed to witness how retirees can contribute to a better self and a better society by wearing multiple hats. You will come to understand the way young people handle multiple jobs can also be applicable to you...
26 Mar
China as an asset class
26 March 2021 3-4pm

Today China's capital markets are too big to ignore and more accessible than ever. With their growing weight within key global equity indices and new MPF rules allowing the inclusion of China A-shares, Chinese assets are increasingly considered as an asset class in their own right. The presentation highlights the outlook for China and opportunities in the tech-driven economy. The discussion includes ways to access China A-share markets and why simply benchmarking exposure to China to global equi...
28 Jan
Webinar on "Retirement Planning - A Decumulation Strategy"
28 January 2021 10:00am-11:00am

When we talk about retirement planning, people usually pay a lot of focus on the "accumulation" stage. However, "decumulation" is also part of the retirement planning. For investors, decumulation refers to the stage in your life where you are relying on your investments and savings for income, typically during your retirement. Investors may need to change their investment strategies as they go into retirement, as their previous 'accumulation' objectives used may no longer be appropriate. Fidelit...
18 Jan
HKRSA supports Asian Financial Forum 2021
18 & 19 January 2021 9am-11pm

Our Association supports the Asian Financial Forum Online - "Reshaping World Economic Landscape". It will be held on 18 & 19 January 2021. Under the theme of Reshaping World Economic Landscape, the AFF 2021 will continue to drive global discourse on topical issues, showcase the latest solutions and next-gen business ideas, and connect investors with project owners and startup founders across all regions and sectors through a curated virtual platform that will ensure a comprehensive AFF e...
27 Nov
Webinar on "Investment Journey for Life 2.0
27 November 2020 10:30am-12:00noon

When "Life 1.0"is our working life, "Life 2.0" is what follows - our retirement life. To create a good life after retirement, financial readiness is one of the essentials. On your investment journey, you should focus on not only accumulation phase, but also decumulation phase, that is, from building up savings pool to generating income stream. How can we address these two life phases with good retirement strategy? Part I: Rich or Poor? Your Choice - BCT Group To retire well is to plan well....
29 Oct
HKRSA x Metro Finance FM104 Retirement Planning and Education Programme – REPLAY

The Hong Kong Retirement Schemes Association has launched our first-ever radio programme series (10 episodes) focusing on retirement planning and education. We would like to foster a better understanding of the overall retirement system in Hong Kong, relevant experience elsewhere and what are the levers individuals can leverage to plan and save for retirement during both accumulation and decumulation. Broadcast on Metro Finance FM104 (our media partner), the radio programme “退休有術” premieres o...