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27 Nov
Webinar on "Investment Journey for Life 2.0
27 November 2020 10:30am-12:00noon

When "Life 1.0"is our working life, "Life 2.0" is what follows - our retirement life. To create a good life after retirement, financial readiness is one of the essentials. On your investment journey, you should focus on not only accumulation phase, but also decumulation phase, that is, from building up savings pool to generating income stream. How can we address these two life phases with good retirement strategy? Part I: Rich or Poor? Your Choice - BCT Group To retire well is to plan well....
29 Oct
HKRSA x Metro Finance FM104 Retirement Planning and Education Programme – REPLAY

The Hong Kong Retirement Schemes Association has launched our first-ever radio programme series (10 episodes) focusing on retirement planning and education. We would like to foster a better understanding of the overall retirement system in Hong Kong, relevant experience elsewhere and what are the levers individuals can leverage to plan and save for retirement during both accumulation and decumulation. Broadcast on Metro Finance FM104 (our media partner), the radio programme “退休有術” premieres o...
08 Oct
Webinar on " Investing Strategies During the Time of Pandemic and Beyond"
8 October 2020 3.00-4.30pm

Financial markets volatility causes unease and uncertainty and investors are concerned about the performance of their investment portfolios. While year-to-date, Chinese and Hong Kong stocks have been volatile amid the pandemic and geopolitical events. Franklin Templeton and Taikang Asset invite you to join this webinar so to give you greater clarity in the fog and examine the outlook of Chinese and Hong Kong equities as we head into the fourth quarter of an eventful year 2020 and plan for 2021. ...
28 Sep
HKRSA supports HKIB Annual Banking Conference 2020
28 September 2020 9am - 5:15pm
N101, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Our Association supports the HKIB Annual Banking Conference 2020 - “Innovation and Transformation: A Brave New World of Banking”. It will be held on 28 Sep 2020 at HKCEC. The conference will highlight how a clear focus on digital transformation, innovation and the addition of virtual banks into Hong Kong’s banking system have revolutionised the industry by opening the doors to better user experience, product innovation, cost and operational efficiency and delivery channels.
17 Jul
Webinar on "ESG and Sustainability Investing in the context of pension investment"
17 Jul 2020 3-4pm

This webinar will cover: The future of ESG and Sustainability Investing - environmental and social issues, challenges and rising demand for sustainable investments, interesting areas of potential ESG related change. Active and passive ESG and Sustainability investing. Post COVID-19 ESG and Sustainability investing.
05 Jun
Webinar on "Retirement schemes of tomorrow: Governance, investments & a focus on member outcomes"
5 June 2020 3pm - 4pm

At this important juncture in the global economy, change is inevitable. Thinking about the future state of our industry is all the more important. This webinar shares the market insights, global pension trends and a set of practical ideas for improving governance, investment portfolios and ultimately outcomes for members of retirement schemes in Hong Kong.